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02 September 2019

New Board Members wanted!

From Monday 2 September to Friday 6 September every Alumnus can apply to become member of the Board or can appoint another Alumnus suitable for this role.

The Community will appoint 6 new Board Members of the Alumni Board from 23 to 26 September. The Community will be voting online for 3 members, while the other 3 will be chosen by the Nomination Committee among the names suggested by the Community.

Watch and learn how is the Alumni Board composed in this video


If you wish to apply as a candidate to become a member of the Bocconi Alumni Community Board or if you want to suggest another Alumnus you consider suitable for this role, you can do it starting from Monday 2 September at 9 am CEST to Friday 6 September at 1 pm CEST.

How? On the Election of Board Members page you can find complete information on how to do it.


The candidates' names and presentation-videos will be published on our website on September 13th. Every Alumnus will then be able to choose one Alumnus/a and vote for him/her online from 23 to 26 September 2019. (Voting links and more details will be communicated soon)

Important: in order to cast your vote during the elections, in order to be a candidate and to nominate somebody, you must declare that you agree to the Community's Regulations and Values within 22 September.

You can do so here: it's one click and it's free.